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Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit

Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit

Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit
Visit us For All Your Sporting Needs! Jones-Sports #24 Twine (42PLY) 50'x12'x10' Batting Cage with Door & Frame Kit. Note: The Legs should be staked or anchored down in areas where there is a possibility of moderate to high wind. Free 4' x 6' Vinyl Backstop for a limited time. Helps protect high wear area behind batter.

Top ropes to minimize sag. QUALITY AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE - Choose from our.

Twisted, knotted #24 twine size (42PLY). Hung on the square for a clean look. Border ropes stitched to the net - secures cage, holds form, and reduces interior netting wear. And exit from the batting cage. Does not absorb water and will not shrink. For your frame poles to. The ground or gym floor. 1 1/2 powder coated steel frame corners. Lowes Sku # - 72717 - Home Depot Sku # - 580023.

View All Our Batting Cage Nets! Constructed from #24 Twine Size knotted HDPE(High Density Polyethylene). For youth through light commercial applications. Net is hung on a square, which absorbs the impact of the balls over several meshes with no high spots to accelerate wear.

UV & Weather protection is embedded during extrusion , Not a cheap coating that will flake off in a couple of years. Life expectancy is 4 to 6 years. We believe this is the best batting cage for the dollar value on the market today. We are a family business started by my grandfather over 50 years ago. We intend on being in business for another 50 years. We only sell quality, well-made products. Polyethylene: Our Polyethylene nets, the UV inhibitors are inside the Polymeric blend that gets extruded into the individual fibers.

These fibers are twisted or braided into twine. Since the UV inhibitor is built into the fibers, it can't wear off.

Polyethylene doesn't absorb water, doesn't rot, and loses very little strength year to year. Their Nylon nets are coated with a UV inhibitor which tends to wear off in a year or two.

Nylon absorbs water, encouraging mold, mildew, and rotting. Typically a new nylon net used outside in direct sun will lose 15% to 20% of its tensile strength each year. What Twine size do I need?

A #42 Twine net is about twice as thick and twice as strong as a #21 Twine. The larger twined, heavier cages will snag balls better, look better, wear better, last longer, and you will be happier with them. You need a minimum of 60 lbs. #18 Twine is a Light Duty Net, 100 lbs. Generally considered the minimum necessary for a home use batting cage, with light use it could last 2 to 3 years. #21 Twine is a Pretty Good Net, 125 lbs. With moderate use could last 3 to 4 years.

#24 Twine is a Very Good Net, 148 lbs. Can be used for Light commercial or Middle School, should last 4 to 6 years. #36 Twine is a Heavy Duty Net, 190 lbs. Of tensile strength, considered commercial Quality estimated 6 to 8 year lifespan.

#42 Twine is a Very Heavy Duty Net, 220 lbs. Of tensile strength, many pro teams will use this for their cages, good for commercial batting cages. Should last 8 to 10 years. Why do I see such varying tensile strengths for the same size HDPE twine? Some manufacturers tend to exaggerate the strength of their twine, or maybe they are just distributors & don't really know the actual strength. For a #42 HDPE twine size, it will vary a little from different manufacturers, but the tensile strength will all be in the low 200s. I have tested #42 HDPE twine from manufacturers samples that is supposed to be over 300 lb. Of load on it, and it breaks.

So you cannot believe everything you read. What is the difference between square hung & diamond hung mesh? To put it simply, Square Mesh is better.

It is a process where the machine tightly weaves a cord around the rope and the net to provide the strongest possible bond between the two. Some manufacturers will just weave the rope in and out of the netting panels which can result in the rope pulling away from or out of the panels. 50'Length x 12'Width x 10'Height. #24 Twine Size HDPE (42PLY) hung on a square. HD 3/8 Polyethylene Woven and Sewn (Top, Center, and all 4 Corners).

HD 3/8 Polyethylene Woven and Sewn extend 4 to 6 ft. (top center & all 4 corners).

3-Piece Others typically have 5! Weather and UV Protection (Embedded During Extrusion). Thanks for considering Pinnon Hatch Farms LLC, Jones-Sports for your sports supply needs. These charges are the buyers responsibility.

We do not mark merchandise values below value or mark items as gifts US and International government regulations prohibit such behavior. Instructions: 50' Jones-Sports Frame Corner Kit and #24 Twisted Poly Batting Cage. Please review the parts that you received with your batting cage and frame to be sure that you have all the parts listed.


The following parts are included for your frame. (E) PIPE END CAPS 12pcs.

(CL) 10' LENGTHS OF EMT 28pcs. NOT INCLUDED CONSTRUCTING YOUR FRAME 1. Lay out two of the 3-way end corners (A) 12' apart at one end where your frame will be, with the 4 pipe pieces facing inward. Measure 50' and lay out the other two 3-way end corners (A) the same way. Lay out the 4-way arch corners (B) , between the end arches so that they are 10' apart. Assemble the six 16 pipes (C) to six 10' lengths for the top cross members (CL) of the arches by inserting a self drilling screw (F) into where the two pipes attach, to attach them together. Assemble the arches by adding ten of the 10' lengths to all of the corners (A) and (B) for the vertical legs, and the five extended top cross members (CL) to the top of the arches. Stand up one end arch and attach a 10' runner to each of the end corners. Connect the runners to the second arch. Add the rest of the runners. HANGING YOUR BATTING CAGE NET 1. Lay out your batting cage inside the frame and find the top three ropes and tie them to the end arch and then do the same to the other end. Attach the hanger clips to the rope and the net together along one side of the net, then the middle, and then the other side. If you do not get the rope and the net together, it will not hold up your net. Then take the lanyard part of the hanger and tie it around the pipe. At this point you can adjust how tight you want the net to hang.

Tie the bottom rope tails to the bottom part of the end arch legs to prevent the wind from blowing the net inward. The item "Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit" is in sale since Thursday, December 6, 2018. This item is in the category "Sporting Goods\Team Sports\Baseball & Softball\Training Aids\Batting Cages & Netting". The seller is "jones-sports" and is located in Centralia, Missouri.

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  • Brand: Jones-Sports
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  • Width: 12 Feet
  • Height: 10 Feet
  • Length: 50 Feet

Batting Cage Net 10' x 12' x 50' #24 42ply with Door & Frame Kit